SSA - System Sentinel Anywhere

SSA is a hosted web application that provides inventory management and EPA compliance management for all electronic devices attached to the tank monitor. The power of SSA is in its ability to provide near real time connectivity to your tank monitors to anyone that you have assigned a login. Since it is a web based application, you can access SSA from anywhere you have a web browser and an internet connection. Included in the SSA application are a variety of tools such as Alerts which are programmable event driven reactions to conditions. A basic example of an alert is 'if I receive a delivery at any station, send an email to Mary in accounts payable', or 'if a low product alarm occurs, send an email to the dispatcher of my supplier'. Another powerful tool is the flexible report engine which offers a wide array of options to allow you to see your information. In addition to the tools, SSA has a very granular security model that when combined with the hierarchical structure allows for you to set up multiple groups of your locations and only allow for limited access. An example of this would be setting up one or more user accounts for your supplier X and creating a group of all stations that are supplied by supplier X. Whenever one of the supplier accounts logs in they see just the inventory data (no regulatory data) just stations only in that group. Each SSA customer will receive one adminastrive account and complete training on the system. Any additional accounts required by the customer will be setup and maintained by the customer's SSA administrator.

SSA pricing is a flat monthly fee on a per tank monitor basis. For most customers, this means we charge by the site, unlike some of our competitors that charge monthly by the tank. The base retail price for a single site is $30.00 month. We have a very aggressive pricing model that includes discounts breaks for multiple sites as well as bundle pricing when combining SSA with other services. Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff for more information.

FCS - Facility Compliance Solution

FCS is the complete solution for EPA/State storage tank regulatory compliance. This web application fills in the gaps in your compliance management solution that are left by your automated on site systems. Depending on the equipment you have on site these gaps can be as simple as your state mandated facility inspections, sump hydrostatic testing, manual sump checks, annual line & leak detector testing or a combination of these items. Basically it handles document management for user defined cyclical events and archival purposes. The cyclical event timers can be applied from the site level the whole way down to the individual component level. e.g... annual site inspection down to dispenser 1/2 regular shear valve annual test. Control of these types of events becomes even more powerful when combined with the powerful built in reporting engine, with just few mouse clicks you can have a comprehensive report of your next testing due dates by site, all sites or even by test type. Due to the manual data capture process when utilizing FCS to its fullest extent, we offer this product as either a managed or unmanaged solution. Please see below for a detailed description. Regardless of which variety of FCS you choose you will receive, as part of you being an FCS customer, training on the operation of the software.

FCS pricing is a flat monthly fee on a per site basis. FCS is a standalone product but in most cases is sold as a companion to SSA. The base retail price for a single site is $30.00 month. We have a very aggressive pricing model that includes discounts breaks for multiple sites as well as bundle pricing when combining FCS with other services. Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff for more information.

Managed/Unmanaged FCS Solutions

FCS is available as either a managed or unmanaged service.  In the unmanaged variety, the customer representative(s) are trained on the operation of FCS and is responsible for the data input and scheduling of all compliance related events.  In the managed solution,'s staff of environmental specialists take charge of maintaining your regulatory requirements.  The managed solution is flexible in scope and can be tailored to your needs.  From working directly with your preferred testing vendors to only emailing you upcoming testing dates, FCS managed can work for you.  The pricing for the unmanaged solution is included in the base monthly price of FCS.  The managed solution is an additional monthly fee that is added to the base FCS price.  Please contact us directly to find out which of our managed packages best suits you needs. 

CDS - Custom Data Solution

Even though SSA has some powerful reporting and notification tools built in, sometimes they are not enough to satisfy a customer's data needs.  CDS is a hybrid solution that uses the tank gauge polling engine of SSA combined with the power of custom data queries delivered to your specifications.  The CDS solution begins with engagement between the customer and our staff in order to identify the scope of the project.  Once the project has been defined our staff works with your representatives throughout the query development.  After the final data output has been approved by the customer, the query is converted into an automated job and becomes part of the customer's process.  Pricing for CDS work is quoted on a per job basis as a lump sum development price with an annual maintenance fee for support.  Some examples of our existing CDS customer requirements:

  • Building VPN tunnels between and customer's locations
  • Secure hourly delivery data file output to our hosted FTP server for customer's accounts payable department
  • Secure hourly inventory data file output to our customer's 3rd party inventory forecasting vendor's FTP server

Coming Soon - Regulatory Portal

We are just putting the finishing touches on the regulatory portal and look forward to a quarter 3 launch. This will be a comprehensive resource of existing and proposed regulatory issues that matter most to owners and operators of regulated storage tanks.

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