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All support issues are handled by the TankStatus.com staff. We do not and will not use offshore labor for our support. For the fastest resolution of a problem the help desk is manned Monday thru Friday from 7am to 5pm EST. For support after normal working hours we have a live answering service that relays calls to our 24/7/365 on-call technician.

Please remember our support only covers the server side of the web applications which also includes the server side of your facility polling. We will attempt to help you resolve facility side issues via phone support. In many cases even if we are not able to fix a facility side problem, we can usually help diagnose where the failure occurred and advise you on the proper corrective action. Here are a couple tips for helping you determine if the problem is on the server end or the facility end.

Support contact info: tankstatus(at)kpeltd.com or by phone at: 1.800.526.3629

General Polling Issues:

If there is a server issue, then all sites don't poll. If you have more than one site and all sites fail to poll then it is a server issue.

The polling queue is shared amongst all customers. If you do an on demand poll and don't get the data back in (~10 sec for IP sites and up to ~2min for dial up sites) in the time expected. Be patient, depending on what was ahead of you in queue it may take an extra 5 minutes to get your data back. Try and refrain from re-polling, especially if you are polling all sites, if you don't instantly get your data back. You can't overload the server with polling requests but you will be increasing the time it takes for the queue to clear.

IP Polling Issues:

Again if there is a server issue, then all sites don't poll. If your site is on a dynamic IP address, did your lease expire and you got a new IP address. using a device that is not on the same network as the tank gauge, attempt to ping the site. For site admins, the IP address of the site is found under Site|Setup|Edit. If you can't ping the site then neither can our server. Also check if the site lost its internet connection and if the site router is turned on.

Dial-up Polling Issues:

Even though we're not adding new dial up sites, we still support our legacy customers that are currently using modems to connect to their sites. Top 3 things to check, is the phone line active, is the phone line plugged in, did you start sharing the phone line with another device that will automatically answer (ie.. fax machine). For site admins, the phone number of the ATG is found under Site|Setup|Edit. Try calling that number from your cell phone, if you don't hear it ring for one to three times followed by the modem picking up, then it is most likely a site issue. We have had carrier issues in the past that regardless of what appeared to be a connection would not transmit data. Over the past 3 years we have experienced this enough to see that the carriers no longer care to support the quality of connection required for analog modems. It is because of this trend that we have discontinued the on boarding of new modem sites. If you are one of our legacy modem sites and can't get broadband to your facility, we do offer a cellular polling solution.

Software Issues:

This one is easy to identify as a server issue; if you can't log on to any particular service then it is on the server end. If you have general questions on how something is supposed to work, or you need help writing a rule, creating groups or setting up a new user, just give us a call, we are more than happy to help.

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